Pathfinder Harrowstone

Dad? Where is the family Goblet?

The party continues to explore and find a pair of animated manacles, who attempt to manacle handle the nearest person (ok sorry that one was really bad). At this point the cleric once again finds himself without heal spells, and the party returns to town.

Most of the town heads to Kendra’s, the party not wanted to confront the awakened priest. Abner sets off on a quest to sell all of the teams grave goods they had found, Shrug going along with him. The two are successful when a lot of people start heading towards the town hall. This being something the team can’t ignore, Shrug, Abner, Darrick and Gideon head into the meeting as well. Urg on the otherhand, breaks into the nearest house and steals the families only treasure in the world and leaves them to a life of poverty and general unfulfillment.

At the meeting, the town is getting furious with the board, saying that the haunting is going on and something needs to be done. A little way in, the hall is shaken by explosions, not unlike to the explosions that had decimated Harrowstone. Abner realizes this, and whispers to Gideon over the entire crowd where the haunt was, and the cleric dispels it. The explosions stop and the smooth talking cleric announces to the mayor of the town that they will be stopping the haunting of their town, and that the mayor was going to give them full support.

As the team is getting ready to head out the next morning, their pockets being two hundred and fifty gold pieces heavier (a piece!), Shrug receives and mysteriously distressed letter from his former commander, saying that he needs Shrugs help. Something to look into later, definitely.

After arriving back at Harrowstone, the party finds a room that had a secret entrance (the normal entrance being blocked by structural damage) and inside this room, they find a mysterious orb. The orb seems to draw Urg in, who Shrug manages to hold back while Abner touches it. Abner gets sucked into what seems to be like another plane, and in this plane is the spirit of the dead professor.

The professor explains that he is the reason why the haunting has taken so long to take effect, but his power was waning. He told Abner that the party had to dispel the five hauntings, like Vesseronia had mentioned, and went into detail on each of the haunts.

Father Charlatan – A con artist masquerading as a priest, swindling the poor out of money in the name of gods.

The Loper – A mass murderer adept at hiding in odd places, waiting until the right moment to strike and viciously beheading his enemies with an axe.

The Mosswater Marauder – A family man who killed his wife by smashing her skull. He became obsessed at putting his wife’s skull back together, but was missing one piece. Ended up murdering many just to try and find that piece to put it back together.

The Piper of Illmarsh – A murderer who liked to watch his victims die to his pet stirges while taunting them with a haunting flute melody.

The Splatterman – A scholar and professor who became obsessed with a succubus and lost everything because of it. He would write the names of his victims in blood before murdering them.

The professor also mentioned that the group had to find an item for each of the haunts in order to dispel the haunt for good, and those items were on the first floor. With that, the group searches for the items and fights a poltergeist to end the session.



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