Pathfinder Harrowstone

...He tripped.

The party decided to move the statues with the fearsome barbarian in front. He strolled into a small corridor behind the statue, only to be struck but a random glaive trap. The barbarian and the two strongest other members behind him managed to wedge the statue, stopping the glaive and allowing most of the party to go through unscathed. In the back of the hallway were a bunch of coffins with various goodies in them (which attracted the barbarian’s attention), but in the very last section there was a hole with which nothing could be seen, but a hand could fit. Against better judgment, the cleric put his hand into the whole and snatched out what seemed to be a stone of some sort.

Quickly putting two and two together, the party saw that the stone corresponded with a pattern on the 8th statue, which seemed to be a mesh of all the runelords and their sins. The stone wouldn’t fit without 6 other stones, so the team headed towards the next statue.

Urglugick, this time taking it slow, moved the statue aside revealing a similar crowded hallway, except this time there was a sort of skeletal monster in the way. Needing that stone, the barbarian rushed forward with Shrug at his heels. The two engaged the monster while the three other party members stood back to support. The fight seemed to be going in the group’s favor, until the so called marksman panted an arrow clean into his “friend” Abner’s back. The mage fell with a cry and was quickly revived by the cleric. No one stood in front of the ranger again. Urglugick also fell to the skeleton, but it didn’t take long to get him back on his feet. And with two near death experiences, the team had their second stone.

The third statue was lust. Inside the party was greeted by some eerily attractive corpses. The party had taken a fair amount of damage so the ranger decided that he was going to sneak past any sort of obstacles and retrieve the last stone. All seemed to be going well until the ranger stumbled on his way out, awakening two lust spawn that the party had to put down.



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