Pathfinder Harrowstone

Level 1, The Begining

Level 1

Our adventure opens with 5 friends (Abner Lithuare, Darrick, Gideon Carthas, Shrug, Urglugick) of Professor Lorrimor coming to Ravengo to attend the funeral of Professor Lorrimor. The professor's friends gather at his home, and are greated by his daughter, Kedra Lorrimor. She quitely greets her fathers friends but is too grief sticken to do much entertaining. Shortly before the funeral is to begin, she asks for pallbearers for her fathers coffin. everone but Urglugick accepts this offer and the funeral begins. The funeral procession is interupted however by a group of locals, led by by a man named Gibs, decide they do not want to have the professor buried in the Restlands. They are certain that he is a necromancer and do not want any evil buried in their town. The party mostly manages to talk down the crowd with most of them dispersing. However the aggrisive nature of urglugick causes Gib to attempt to punch Urglugick which quickly causes Urglugick to respond with force, and manages to almost kill Gibs. With this past, the funeral proceeds normally. After the funeral, the party learns that the professor's will contains some provesions for them as well. The party decides to retrun to Kendra's home to read the will but realize when they get there they are being watched. Gideon and Urglugick rush outside only to see a mysterious man disappear in a flash. The other three rogues start to flee but the party manages to capture one. After some threats, the rogue begins to talk but he does not know much, only that he was to retrieve what was in the professors chest. Finding the chest, the party comes to realize they have no way to open it. However when the will (leaving everything to Kendra except for some evil books the professor asks the party to return to Lepidstad University) is read, the party does find a key which opens the chest. Inside they fund a rune necklace with a note explaining that if he does not return, the rune necklace will be the only way to save Ravengo. Based on the notes, the party at first decides to investigate Harrowstone but Abner, who have been reading the professor's notes, learns that there are some items in a false crypt that will assist any investigations Harrowstone. The party investigates the crypt, managing to stir up some giant centeipedes in the proecess) and have found some interesting items in the crypt……….



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