Pathfinder Harrowstone

One man's trash..

After the distribution of the sepulcher items, the party ventured back outside of the crypt. On their way out, the party ranger Darrick noticed a horrible zombie attempting to burst from it’s tomb. Much to the dismay of his party members, this was a hallucination, and the frenzied ranger began firing into the ground and also at his supposed friend, Shrug. After much scuffling, the ranger finally snapped back to normal, with no knowledge of what happened before.

Without much thought on the event that had just happened, the party ventured back into town. They had found a mysterious rune which seemed to correspond with a hint towards a certain goddess, which Abner had remembered was the main deity of the town. They managed to snoop around inside of the church until they found a statue that seemed to be missing a rune on her necklace, which coincidentally was the same rune they had found inside of the crypt. This rune opened a trap door, which led down into what seemed like a sort of catacombs beneath the church.

Once underneath the church, the group found themselves once again without any sort of light. After a couple fights with spiders (and some awkward tension involving sucking venom) the party eventually ended up walking along a large bridge overlooking a room with eight statues in it. Finding no way the down, they continued until they entered a room with a mysterious golem type thing. This golem turned out to be some sort of librarian (an angry one, but a librarian nonetheless), with which the cleric managed to check out a book on the runelords. The book told the party more about these rulers and how each was a different deadly sin, which also seemed to match the 7 statues in the large room.

The party ventured back to the large room, and quickly scaled over the side using rope. All except Gideon the cleric, who fell and almost died.



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