Pathfinder Harrowstone

Stirge totin', flute playin', skeleton killin' machine.

Searching the room after the poltergeist, the team finds a fireplace that’s alive and licks Shrug for half of his life. Gideon uses one of the group’s siphon haunts (attempting not to cross the streams, of course) and captures the essence.

The next room is the elevator room where the guards had caused the explosion. There is a giant hole in the ground surrounded by scorch marks that leads down into the prison more. Shrug was peering into this hole when two flaming skeletal heads fly out, one almost killing Abner. Urg kills one with an axe blow before leaping over the elevator shaft. This was almost unsuccessful had Shrug not jumped to save him, sending the two crashing to the floor. Abner dispatched his own with a ray of frost, freezing the skull entirely.

After further review, the room and the adjacent room had nothing of interest. Abner, being curious, decided that he was going to climb into the fireplace in the first room. Casting endure elements, he braved the warm bones and the soot to grab a warm skull from inside the fireplace, jumping into the lake around the prison with it and freeing the trapped soul (leaving a few party members scratching their head and questioning the wizard’s sanity).

Not much searching later, the team finds the items they are looking for. Urg takes a hand axe which seemed to have magical properties. Abner picked up an old spellbook which had a weird aura around it. Flipping through the pages, he stops on 33, and sees his name written in blood. He blinks and its gone. Gideon takes the remainder of the items, a series of holy symbols on a chain, a flute, and a smith’s hammer.

The team then heads upstairs. Not much searching leads them right into their first haunt, the Piper of Illmarsh. Urg quickly ganks a skeleton, while Shrug attempts to slash skeletons, only coming up empty for most of the battle. Darrick fires off an arrow at the piper himself before he is transfixed by the piper’s flute. Gideon smites the evil creatures around him and kills a skeleton and wounding the piper. In an attempt to free his comrade, the cleric starts to play the flute and finds he cannot stop.

Abner fires off a ray at the piper before he is stuck by a giant stirge who had flown in and attached himself to his neck. The second stirge attached himself to Gideon, and both stirges attempted to start sucking the life out of their victims. The flute was hurting Gideon and the piper at the same time, while Urg and Shrug attempted to finish off the remaining skeletons and the stirges. Abner threw off his stirge and blasted it down with magic while Darrick tried to be helpful but ended up shooting Gideon instead of his stirge. By the time the battle had finished, Gideon was unconsicous, and all party members but Urg were heavily wounded.



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