Pathfinder Harrowstone

Taming of the SHRU

With three stones in hand and no heal spells, the team decides to tackle the sloth room. Inside is a sloth demon, of course, and Darrick the ranger decides that this is be the time to… fail his stealth roll right off the bat. More fighting ensues with the team moving towards the next statue.

This statue is gluttony, and instead of the ranger stealthing in, Urg takes matters into his own hands and leads the group into a fight with some ghouls. Shrug gets bitten and ends up contracting ghoul fever, but he still manages to help destroy all the baddies. The team gets the stone (with some faces getting run into walls) and they think about the next stone.

However, the cleric points out that he is out of any sort of heal spell, and with the party half dead, it might be a good idea to head back to town. Having found an exit beforehand, the group heads out and ends up in the oh so hospitable town of Ravengro. Seeking out the nearest healer puts the party at the door step of church with the not so friendly Father Grimburrow (though rightfully so). With a silver tongue, Gideon manages to get healing for Shrugs disease as well as hp for all (and less for Urg, ‘cause you know, the whole punching villagers dead thing). The whole encounter went swimmingly until the holy father made a not so holy remark about the professor, which led to him meeting with the backside of Gideon’s glove. This told Urg time to fight who ended up punching out the poor priest. The party then brought the priest inside saying he had fell to the acolytes.

Shrug at this point walked away to find Abner who was at the local tavern. The wizard was taking part of a local card game when all of the cards in the bar seemed to erupt into the flame. This sent the tavern into a scare, some citizens remarking at how the town was haunted. Though an odd occurrence, the party didn’t know how to investigate it. And with that they all went to sleep, Abner, Shrug and Urg in the tavern, and Gideon and Darrick in the church.

The night was seemingly fine until Shrug awoke to his inn room transformed into a cell. This alarmed the fighter who drew his sword, trying to leave the room. He noticed his name being written in blood on the wall, leading him to frantically pound and slash at the door. Urg was awoken by the sound of the pounding, only telling Shrug to shut up. When the noise didn’t subside the barbarian strolled into the fighter’s room to find him sleeping soundly, which he then punched for waking him up. SHRU was still written in blood on the wall.

Shrug ended up sleeping at Kendra’s with Abner. Urg decided to sleep in the blood room, while Gideon and Darrick had a nice snooze in the church. Abner’s knowledge of local lore knew that the prison of Harrowstone had burned down in a huge fire about 50 years prior. All the guards and the prisoners had burned, which seemed to be a likely cause of the supposed haunting of the town. In the morning, the team headed back to the Auchuary.

With the two last statues faced with little to no problems (Abner using spells to get the party through relatively unscathed), the team reached the final statue, a statue that seemed to be a mix of the seven deadly sins. All the stones gathered were put in that statue to unlock it, and a narrow passage way lead them into another room where they met the wife of the warden of Harrowstone named Vesseronia.

Vesseronia was a nice ghost who told them that the professor had expected them to follow his clues to her. She enlightened the party that they had to go into Harrowstone and defeat the five spirits that had taken over the destroyed prison. Only then would they stop the haunting of the town. She leads them all the way over to Harrowstone and turns to leave when Gideon attempts to smite her down in righteous fury. Urg, being the more sensible one (which is really saying something), quickly grappled the crazy cleric and punched him a couple times before Gideon got pouty and left the nice ghost lady alone.

The party finds doors that open and close in intervals, and a lot of hallways with doors leading off. Then, spiders.



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