Heir to the thrones of Gwand and Bjorrn but true to the cause of the unjust.


His negative aspect are Gnomes. Darrick tends to lose his rational thinking when Gnomes are involved. While neutral good, he does not hesitate to extract vengeance.

Positive aspects are questioned bloodline and he has limitless compassion. I know the bloodline could be negative, but Darrick takes strength in who he is and who is parents are.

Level 3: Gains (2) Bonus feats of Endurance and 1st Terrain: Forest
Skills: Craft (bows), Escape Artist, Knowledge (history), Perception, Stealth, and Survival

Level 4: Gains Hunter’s Bond and ability to cast a small number of divine spells
Skills: Acrobatics, Craft (bows), Knowledge (history), Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth, and Survival


Born 15 years before the Great War, Darrick came from a union some would call unnatural. How could this be unnatural? How could Darrick even be born? His mother was a highborn Elf and his father was a highborn human. This made the union even more of shame for both families. So Darrick was neither accepted by Elves or Humans or any of his parents. He tried hard to fit in which made his isolation even more. He was heir to two grand thrones but neither acknowledged his right to rule.

But there was love! Darrick’s family loved life and loved the simple toil that made each day. The love of family was friends kept Darrick from wondering how paths of darkness and despair. The family was friends Gnomes and Dwarves and other outcasts. His parents raised him with no pretentions and the beauty of a hard days work. The toil of one’s hands is what truly made life content and his visits to the iron craftsmen made his childhood years so memorable. Darrick would watch for hours as the great smiths making all sorts of tools with such precision and skill. Darrick could not wonder if he too should become a smith and have his tools wielded by everyone in the land.

Then one day all was shattered. The Great War started and started spreading evil across the land. While visiting friends, a band of Leper Gnomes attacked his family, destroying everything. His mom, his dad, his sisters, and his brothers were all killed. Darrick’s pain soon turned into anger and hatred.

He vowed to avenge his family. But wanting something is far different than actually doing it.

Staying true to his family and the values instilled from his parents was not always easy. Each time a Gnome crossed his path old feelings of hate came back to haunt him. It was a thorn in his side that he prayed each day that the thorn would be removed. Old friendships with Gnomes were strained and new ones hard to make since he could not keep his feelings from compromising his thoughts.

Darrick took to the land and picked up skills to survive and stay alive. Home in the wild he was able to blend in.

Now 33 years young, Darrick is a seasoned and grizzled vet ready for the next adventure.


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