Pathfinder Harrowstone

Stirge totin', flute playin', skeleton killin' machine.

Searching the room after the poltergeist, the team finds a fireplace that’s alive and licks Shrug for half of his life. Gideon uses one of the group’s siphon haunts (attempting not to cross the streams, of course) and captures the essence.

The next room is the elevator room where the guards had caused the explosion. There is a giant hole in the ground surrounded by scorch marks that leads down into the prison more. Shrug was peering into this hole when two flaming skeletal heads fly out, one almost killing Abner. Urg kills one with an axe blow before leaping over the elevator shaft. This was almost unsuccessful had Shrug not jumped to save him, sending the two crashing to the floor. Abner dispatched his own with a ray of frost, freezing the skull entirely.

After further review, the room and the adjacent room had nothing of interest. Abner, being curious, decided that he was going to climb into the fireplace in the first room. Casting endure elements, he braved the warm bones and the soot to grab a warm skull from inside the fireplace, jumping into the lake around the prison with it and freeing the trapped soul (leaving a few party members scratching their head and questioning the wizard’s sanity).

Not much searching later, the team finds the items they are looking for. Urg takes a hand axe which seemed to have magical properties. Abner picked up an old spellbook which had a weird aura around it. Flipping through the pages, he stops on 33, and sees his name written in blood. He blinks and its gone. Gideon takes the remainder of the items, a series of holy symbols on a chain, a flute, and a smith’s hammer.

The team then heads upstairs. Not much searching leads them right into their first haunt, the Piper of Illmarsh. Urg quickly ganks a skeleton, while Shrug attempts to slash skeletons, only coming up empty for most of the battle. Darrick fires off an arrow at the piper himself before he is transfixed by the piper’s flute. Gideon smites the evil creatures around him and kills a skeleton and wounding the piper. In an attempt to free his comrade, the cleric starts to play the flute and finds he cannot stop.

Abner fires off a ray at the piper before he is stuck by a giant stirge who had flown in and attached himself to his neck. The second stirge attached himself to Gideon, and both stirges attempted to start sucking the life out of their victims. The flute was hurting Gideon and the piper at the same time, while Urg and Shrug attempted to finish off the remaining skeletons and the stirges. Abner threw off his stirge and blasted it down with magic while Darrick tried to be helpful but ended up shooting Gideon instead of his stirge. By the time the battle had finished, Gideon was unconsicous, and all party members but Urg were heavily wounded.

Dad? Where is the family Goblet?

The party continues to explore and find a pair of animated manacles, who attempt to manacle handle the nearest person (ok sorry that one was really bad). At this point the cleric once again finds himself without heal spells, and the party returns to town.

Most of the town heads to Kendra’s, the party not wanted to confront the awakened priest. Abner sets off on a quest to sell all of the teams grave goods they had found, Shrug going along with him. The two are successful when a lot of people start heading towards the town hall. This being something the team can’t ignore, Shrug, Abner, Darrick and Gideon head into the meeting as well. Urg on the otherhand, breaks into the nearest house and steals the families only treasure in the world and leaves them to a life of poverty and general unfulfillment.

At the meeting, the town is getting furious with the board, saying that the haunting is going on and something needs to be done. A little way in, the hall is shaken by explosions, not unlike to the explosions that had decimated Harrowstone. Abner realizes this, and whispers to Gideon over the entire crowd where the haunt was, and the cleric dispels it. The explosions stop and the smooth talking cleric announces to the mayor of the town that they will be stopping the haunting of their town, and that the mayor was going to give them full support.

As the team is getting ready to head out the next morning, their pockets being two hundred and fifty gold pieces heavier (a piece!), Shrug receives and mysteriously distressed letter from his former commander, saying that he needs Shrugs help. Something to look into later, definitely.

After arriving back at Harrowstone, the party finds a room that had a secret entrance (the normal entrance being blocked by structural damage) and inside this room, they find a mysterious orb. The orb seems to draw Urg in, who Shrug manages to hold back while Abner touches it. Abner gets sucked into what seems to be like another plane, and in this plane is the spirit of the dead professor.

The professor explains that he is the reason why the haunting has taken so long to take effect, but his power was waning. He told Abner that the party had to dispel the five hauntings, like Vesseronia had mentioned, and went into detail on each of the haunts.

Father Charlatan – A con artist masquerading as a priest, swindling the poor out of money in the name of gods.

The Loper – A mass murderer adept at hiding in odd places, waiting until the right moment to strike and viciously beheading his enemies with an axe.

The Mosswater Marauder – A family man who killed his wife by smashing her skull. He became obsessed at putting his wife’s skull back together, but was missing one piece. Ended up murdering many just to try and find that piece to put it back together.

The Piper of Illmarsh – A murderer who liked to watch his victims die to his pet stirges while taunting them with a haunting flute melody.

The Splatterman – A scholar and professor who became obsessed with a succubus and lost everything because of it. He would write the names of his victims in blood before murdering them.

The professor also mentioned that the group had to find an item for each of the haunts in order to dispel the haunt for good, and those items were on the first floor. With that, the group searches for the items and fights a poltergeist to end the session.

Taming of the SHRU

With three stones in hand and no heal spells, the team decides to tackle the sloth room. Inside is a sloth demon, of course, and Darrick the ranger decides that this is be the time to… fail his stealth roll right off the bat. More fighting ensues with the team moving towards the next statue.

This statue is gluttony, and instead of the ranger stealthing in, Urg takes matters into his own hands and leads the group into a fight with some ghouls. Shrug gets bitten and ends up contracting ghoul fever, but he still manages to help destroy all the baddies. The team gets the stone (with some faces getting run into walls) and they think about the next stone.

However, the cleric points out that he is out of any sort of heal spell, and with the party half dead, it might be a good idea to head back to town. Having found an exit beforehand, the group heads out and ends up in the oh so hospitable town of Ravengro. Seeking out the nearest healer puts the party at the door step of church with the not so friendly Father Grimburrow (though rightfully so). With a silver tongue, Gideon manages to get healing for Shrugs disease as well as hp for all (and less for Urg, ‘cause you know, the whole punching villagers dead thing). The whole encounter went swimmingly until the holy father made a not so holy remark about the professor, which led to him meeting with the backside of Gideon’s glove. This told Urg time to fight who ended up punching out the poor priest. The party then brought the priest inside saying he had fell to the acolytes.

Shrug at this point walked away to find Abner who was at the local tavern. The wizard was taking part of a local card game when all of the cards in the bar seemed to erupt into the flame. This sent the tavern into a scare, some citizens remarking at how the town was haunted. Though an odd occurrence, the party didn’t know how to investigate it. And with that they all went to sleep, Abner, Shrug and Urg in the tavern, and Gideon and Darrick in the church.

The night was seemingly fine until Shrug awoke to his inn room transformed into a cell. This alarmed the fighter who drew his sword, trying to leave the room. He noticed his name being written in blood on the wall, leading him to frantically pound and slash at the door. Urg was awoken by the sound of the pounding, only telling Shrug to shut up. When the noise didn’t subside the barbarian strolled into the fighter’s room to find him sleeping soundly, which he then punched for waking him up. SHRU was still written in blood on the wall.

Shrug ended up sleeping at Kendra’s with Abner. Urg decided to sleep in the blood room, while Gideon and Darrick had a nice snooze in the church. Abner’s knowledge of local lore knew that the prison of Harrowstone had burned down in a huge fire about 50 years prior. All the guards and the prisoners had burned, which seemed to be a likely cause of the supposed haunting of the town. In the morning, the team headed back to the Auchuary.

With the two last statues faced with little to no problems (Abner using spells to get the party through relatively unscathed), the team reached the final statue, a statue that seemed to be a mix of the seven deadly sins. All the stones gathered were put in that statue to unlock it, and a narrow passage way lead them into another room where they met the wife of the warden of Harrowstone named Vesseronia.

Vesseronia was a nice ghost who told them that the professor had expected them to follow his clues to her. She enlightened the party that they had to go into Harrowstone and defeat the five spirits that had taken over the destroyed prison. Only then would they stop the haunting of the town. She leads them all the way over to Harrowstone and turns to leave when Gideon attempts to smite her down in righteous fury. Urg, being the more sensible one (which is really saying something), quickly grappled the crazy cleric and punched him a couple times before Gideon got pouty and left the nice ghost lady alone.

The party finds doors that open and close in intervals, and a lot of hallways with doors leading off. Then, spiders.

...He tripped.

The party decided to move the statues with the fearsome barbarian in front. He strolled into a small corridor behind the statue, only to be struck but a random glaive trap. The barbarian and the two strongest other members behind him managed to wedge the statue, stopping the glaive and allowing most of the party to go through unscathed. In the back of the hallway were a bunch of coffins with various goodies in them (which attracted the barbarian’s attention), but in the very last section there was a hole with which nothing could be seen, but a hand could fit. Against better judgment, the cleric put his hand into the whole and snatched out what seemed to be a stone of some sort.

Quickly putting two and two together, the party saw that the stone corresponded with a pattern on the 8th statue, which seemed to be a mesh of all the runelords and their sins. The stone wouldn’t fit without 6 other stones, so the team headed towards the next statue.

Urglugick, this time taking it slow, moved the statue aside revealing a similar crowded hallway, except this time there was a sort of skeletal monster in the way. Needing that stone, the barbarian rushed forward with Shrug at his heels. The two engaged the monster while the three other party members stood back to support. The fight seemed to be going in the group’s favor, until the so called marksman panted an arrow clean into his “friend” Abner’s back. The mage fell with a cry and was quickly revived by the cleric. No one stood in front of the ranger again. Urglugick also fell to the skeleton, but it didn’t take long to get him back on his feet. And with two near death experiences, the team had their second stone.

The third statue was lust. Inside the party was greeted by some eerily attractive corpses. The party had taken a fair amount of damage so the ranger decided that he was going to sneak past any sort of obstacles and retrieve the last stone. All seemed to be going well until the ranger stumbled on his way out, awakening two lust spawn that the party had to put down.

One man's trash..

After the distribution of the sepulcher items, the party ventured back outside of the crypt. On their way out, the party ranger Darrick noticed a horrible zombie attempting to burst from it’s tomb. Much to the dismay of his party members, this was a hallucination, and the frenzied ranger began firing into the ground and also at his supposed friend, Shrug. After much scuffling, the ranger finally snapped back to normal, with no knowledge of what happened before.

Without much thought on the event that had just happened, the party ventured back into town. They had found a mysterious rune which seemed to correspond with a hint towards a certain goddess, which Abner had remembered was the main deity of the town. They managed to snoop around inside of the church until they found a statue that seemed to be missing a rune on her necklace, which coincidentally was the same rune they had found inside of the crypt. This rune opened a trap door, which led down into what seemed like a sort of catacombs beneath the church.

Once underneath the church, the group found themselves once again without any sort of light. After a couple fights with spiders (and some awkward tension involving sucking venom) the party eventually ended up walking along a large bridge overlooking a room with eight statues in it. Finding no way the down, they continued until they entered a room with a mysterious golem type thing. This golem turned out to be some sort of librarian (an angry one, but a librarian nonetheless), with which the cleric managed to check out a book on the runelords. The book told the party more about these rulers and how each was a different deadly sin, which also seemed to match the 7 statues in the large room.

The party ventured back to the large room, and quickly scaled over the side using rope. All except Gideon the cleric, who fell and almost died.

Level 1, The Begining
Level 1

Our adventure opens with 5 friends (Abner Lithuare, Darrick, Gideon Carthas, Shrug, Urglugick) of Professor Lorrimor coming to Ravengo to attend the funeral of Professor Lorrimor. The professor's friends gather at his home, and are greated by his daughter, Kedra Lorrimor. She quitely greets her fathers friends but is too grief sticken to do much entertaining. Shortly before the funeral is to begin, she asks for pallbearers for her fathers coffin. everone but Urglugick accepts this offer and the funeral begins. The funeral procession is interupted however by a group of locals, led by by a man named Gibs, decide they do not want to have the professor buried in the Restlands. They are certain that he is a necromancer and do not want any evil buried in their town. The party mostly manages to talk down the crowd with most of them dispersing. However the aggrisive nature of urglugick causes Gib to attempt to punch Urglugick which quickly causes Urglugick to respond with force, and manages to almost kill Gibs. With this past, the funeral proceeds normally. After the funeral, the party learns that the professor's will contains some provesions for them as well. The party decides to retrun to Kendra's home to read the will but realize when they get there they are being watched. Gideon and Urglugick rush outside only to see a mysterious man disappear in a flash. The other three rogues start to flee but the party manages to capture one. After some threats, the rogue begins to talk but he does not know much, only that he was to retrieve what was in the professors chest. Finding the chest, the party comes to realize they have no way to open it. However when the will (leaving everything to Kendra except for some evil books the professor asks the party to return to Lepidstad University) is read, the party does find a key which opens the chest. Inside they fund a rune necklace with a note explaining that if he does not return, the rune necklace will be the only way to save Ravengo. Based on the notes, the party at first decides to investigate Harrowstone but Abner, who have been reading the professor's notes, learns that there are some items in a false crypt that will assist any investigations Harrowstone. The party investigates the crypt, managing to stir up some giant centeipedes in the proecess) and have found some interesting items in the crypt……….


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